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    Money Wisdom: From There to Here, Then to Now, and A Secret
    (April 2023)

    Counting Pennies

    In this blog, Peter J. Gallagher, Managing Director, Unified Retirement Planning Group, recommends that money does not have to define your life, but a lack of money due to no or low savings might. Click here.


    URPG Money Lessons Video Series:

    Learning from the Past and Hoping for the Future (December 2022)

    In a 2022 recap of the markets, Peter J. Gallagher, Managing Director of URPG, shares five lessons to help investors put the past year’s turbulence into perspective. He advises that, in the new year, let’s distinguish between news that informs and noise that makes us fearful.



    Five Questions to Ask Your Current Advisor
    (November 2022)

    Office - Looking over charts during a meeting

    How transparent is your current advisor concerning fees and investment recommendations? Here are five questions you can ask to become fully informed. To learn more, click here.



    Thoughts on the Market and Economy, And What We Should Do About It
    (October 2022)

    Mountain Lake - Boats at the edge of a lake


    We understand it has been a difficult time in the markets and we have some thoughts to share, including how you can manage your reactions. To learn more, click here.


    URPG Money Lessons Video Series:

    Beyond the Numbers - Creating Enriching Retirements (November 2022)

    How can we make plans to enjoy a truly rewarding retirement? Here are some suggestions for alternatives to traditional retirement, including beginning a second career, doing part-time work or volunteering. You can tailor your retirement to fit your needs and stay connected to the things you currently love and do.


    URPG Money Lessons Video Series:

    Medicare Changes Are Here (October 2022)

    The Inflation Reduction Act is a big legislative package that will bring some major changes to Medicare that you should know about. Some changes will begin in 2023 -- while 2026 is the big year to look forward to, when, for the first time, the Medicare program will have the power to negotiate the cost of certain drugs.


  Health Care Expenses in Retirement Average $67,000 –

    Even With Medicare Coverage  

    Money Article News-Medicare-Retirees-Spend-Thousands-Health-Care



    Peter J. Gallagher, Managing Director, Unified Retirement Planning Group in Briarcliff Manor, NY, was quoted in a article on September 29, 2022 on health care expenses for retirees. Peter discussed the importance of having long-term care insurance. Click here.


    URPG Money Lessons Video Series:

    Financial Tips for Your College Freshman (September 2022)

    The majority of high school seniors will face their first year of college without a strong financial education since financial literacy courses are not required to graduate. Here are some tips to start a conversation with your high school senior in preparation for their first year of college.


    International Society of Bassists Magazine:
    “How A Major Career Change Still Brings Music to My Ears”
    (June – September 2022)

    Ribbon-cutting photo - URPG


    In an article in Bass World, the magazine of the International Society of Bassists, Peter J. Gallagher, Managing Director, URPG, reflects on his time as a classically trained string bassist before switching careers 25+ years ago to venture into retirement planning. He emphasizes that the similarities of both professions have to do with discipline, collaboration and performance at a high level. URPG’s partnership with Commonwealth is also highlighted. Click here.

    Figures contained in article are as of February 24, 2022.


    URPG Money Lessons Video Series:

    Understanding Inflation (June 2022)

    It’s been a long time since investors have had to focus on inflation.  Now it’s making headlines because prices are rising faster than expected. Learn more about what this means and what you can do to protect your portfolio. Let’s also take a closer look at the facts behind the headlines.


    Wall Street Journal: What Fed Rate Increases Mean for Your Financial Plans
    How to time your financial decisions as interest rates rise

    Ribbon-cutting photo - URPG


    Peter J. Gallagher, Managing Director, Unified Retirement Planning Group in Briarcliff Manor, NY, was quoted in a WSJ article in advance of the June 15, 2022 Fed Meeting. Peter advised that good financial decisions in the face of imminent interest rate increases include paying down debt and know the risks regarding adjustable-rate mortgages. Click here.



    New York Times: When Your Hand Is Forced In a Bearlike Market

    Ribbon-cutting photo - URPG


    We welcomed the opportunity to be interviewed for the "Retiring" column in the Times' Sunday Business Section, June 12, 2022. Peter J. Gallagher, Managing Director, Unified Retirement Planning Group in Briarcliff Manor, NY, provided perspective about taking IRS-required minimum distributions at age 72 amid market turbulence. Click here. 



    Ossining Gazette: URPG Provides Community Funds
    to Expand Local Library’s Financial Education Collections

    Ribbon-cutting photo - URPG


    In celebration of Financial Literacy Month and National Library Week 2022, and in support of getting one’s financial health in shape, United Retirement Planning Group provided community funds to the Friends of the Briarcliff Manor Public Library to expand financial education collections for both children and adults. Meet the BMPL team who collaborated with URPG. 


    URPG Money Lessons Video Series:

    A Buffer for Bad Times (May 2022)

    During times of market turbulence, it may be best to rely on experience, not emotions.  It's always a good idea to try to identify any emotions at work before making a move with your money.  It's another good idea to review your motivations for investing.


    URPG Money Lessons Video Series:

    Financial Education Tips for Parents and Grandparents (April 2022)

    As an advisor, I am pleased that a national focus is placed on financial literacy every April. This month, my goal is to share the importance of having conversations about money with your children and grandchildren. Start early, and if you haven’t started, do so now.



    Ossining Gazette: Croton Caring Event Sponsored by URPG

    Ribbon-cutting photo - URPG

    URPG was delighted to sponsor Croton Caring's Spring event for seniors on Saturday, March 26, 2022.  We shared our mission as a retirement planning firm and as a values-based organization with a focus on community giving.  The Ossining Gazette ran a front-page story


    URPG Money Lessons Video Series:

    Giving with Impact (March 2022)

    We help our clients incorporate philanthropy in their financial plans. The truth is you can give even more to charity – and potentially realize more tax benefits – by giving in the right way and using the right vehicle for giving. In addition, you can have greater control over how your gifts are used by the causes you support.



    URPG Money Lessons Video Series:

    Love Your Beneficiaries (February 2022)

    Do you know what you need to know about providing for your beneficiaries?  It is one of the most important tasks you can do as you plan for your retirement, and beyond. Learn more about what to consider when selecting beneficiaries for your retirement accounts.



    URPG Virtual Community Retirement Conversations Series:
    Navigating Money Matters Through Difficult Times
    (January 2022)

    Peter J. Gallagher, Managing Director, URPG, and Patricia G. Micek, Esq., an estate planning attorney and elder law expert, discuss what women need to know in the event of a life change like becoming a widow or getting divorced.


    URPG Money Lessons Video Series:

    A Few Facts About Fiduciaries (January 2022)

    Hiring a financial planner is one of the most important decisions you can make. But what type of planner is right for you? Where do you begin? I recommend learning more about fiduciaries and I can get you started with a few important facts.


    URPG Virtual Community Retirement Conversations Series: A 2022 Checklist

    With the new year upon us, Peter J. Gallagher, Founder and Managing Director, Unified Retirement Planning Group, recently discussed retirement planning, including how to get started as well as what you should know in 2022 to effectively maintain your existing plan.  Other topics included today’s retirement landscape, mistakes to avoid, and positive habits to acquire.


    URPG Money Lessons Video Series:

    Nobody Likes Surprises (November 2021)

    My message today is for the benefit of a few generations: youth, adults at mid-career, and those about to retire.  A common thread of advice for all three age groups is you need a plan, even if you think you are too young to get started, or you are getting started too late.