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We are Personal Retirement Planning Specialists.


Whether you are still working, nearing retirement age, or have already retired, we can help.  

By serving a select group of clients, we provide a high level of service designed around your needs and your goals.



We understand that personal retirement planning can be a complicated process for many people.

This is what we do to help you, based on the stage of life that you are in.


Busy Living Life


You are juggling multiple priorities, but in the back of your mind you know it is time to begin to organize your financial future. Learn more.


Planning To Retire


You are making the transition from earning a paycheck to retirement in the next few years. Learn more.


Already Retired


You have many key decisions that still remain.  Learn more.

Who We Are

Peter Gallagher

Peter J. Gallagher, ChFC®, CLU®, CASL®, AIF®
Founder and Managing Director


"Performing in a symphony orchestra, responding to a car accident as an EMT, or helping a client prepare for their future, require many similar qualities, including discipline, teamwork and flexibility. I've lived my life dedicated to achieving goals and helping others."

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URPG participates in several charitable events and community service activities throughout the year.

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Is URPG right for you?

Unified Retirement Planning Group

Typical Wealth Management Firm


Advisor: Provides objective guidance in a Fiduciary capacity.


Broker: Sells financial products.


Earns a transparent fee that covers most services. Either an asset based, hourly or retainer fee.


If we manage your assets and agree to an asset based fee, your fee will be adjusted to reflect the amount of work that we both agree that you need. 

We will review your fee on an ongoing basis to make sure that it remains appropriate based on the work that we are doing for you. 


We do not need to manage your assets for us to help you plan for your retirement.  


Typically works on commission.


Typically needs to manage your assets in order to get compensated.


Independent firm - free to work in your best interest.


Public firm - answers to shareholders.



Why We're Different

First, we work on a referral-only basis and purposely limit the number of clients who we work with. Recognizing our capacity enables us to devote our time and resources to thoroughly knowing and understanding the needs of our clients. Because of the in-depth planning, time and attention that we give each of our clients and our background, we are generally best suited to work with individuals and families approaching retirement or thinking of retiring, typically ages 50 and over. 

Second, unlike a lot of financial services firms that offer various products to many people, Unified Retirement Planning Group specializes in only three areas. Retirement Income PlanningInvestment Management, and Legacy Planning. We have several advanced planning designations that give us the knowledge to help make complex financial topics easy to understand and implement for our clients.  Learn what our designations mean for you.

Last, we are an independent firm. This means that we do not have a "product of the month" to "sell." All of our recommendations are customized to our individual client's needs based on a comprehensive written retirement income plan that is completed together at the beginning of our relationship.  


We believe that these factors make Unified Retirement Planning Group unique in this industry.


We recognize that there are a lot of financial firms for you to choose from.


When you are ready to learn more about URPG, we would be happy to meet with you to see if your needs are best suited for what URPG has to offer.

Schedule a free one-hour meeting with Peter. 


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