Our Story

Why We're Different

First, we work on a referral-only basis and purposely limit the number of clients who we work with. Recognizing our capacity enables us to devote our time and resources to thoroughly knowing and understanding the needs of our clients. Because of the in-depth planning, time and attention that we give each of our clients and our background, we are generally best suited to work with individuals and families approaching retirement or thinking of retiring, typically ages 50 and over. 

Second, unlike a lot of financial services firms that offer various products to many people, Unified Retirement Planning Group specializes in only three areas. Retirement Income PlanningInvestment Management, and Legacy Planning. We have several advanced planning designations that give us the knowledge to help make complex financial topics easy to understand and implement for our clients.  Learn what our designations mean for you.

Last, we are an independent firm. This means that we do not have a "product of the month" to "sell." All of our recommendations are customized to our individual client's needs based on a comprehensive written retirement income plan that is completed together at the beginning of our relationship.  


We believe that these factors make Unified Retirement Planning Group unique in this industry.



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