URPG Newsletter - Spring 2018


Dividend Investing: Small Payments Can Boost Returns

Owning shares of stock or stock funds might increase the value of your portfolio in one of two fundamental ways: capital appreciation (i.e., price increases) and dividend payments. Of the two, capital appreciation carries the greatest potential for return, but it also carries the greatest potential for loss. And any gains or losses are only reaped when you sell your shares.

By contrast, dividends typically offer more consistent modest returns that are paid while you hold your shares. For this reason, dividends have long been popular with retirees and others who are looking for regular income. But focusing on dividends can be appropriate for almost any investor, especially if dividends are reinvested to purchase additional shares.

Although reinvesting dividends from individual stocks may not be cost-effective, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) generally offer an option to reinvest dividends and/or capital gains...

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Dear friends,
I hope that you have managed well during one of the longest winters on record. Today
is May 13 and we began the day by turning on the heat again in our home and office!
A lot has happened at URPG since our last newsletter. Earlier this quarter, the URPG
staff attended a very productive offsite meeting. We also recently completed our
semi-annual URPG Advisory Board meeting. Please let us know if you would like more
information about these meetings.
In addition to regularly monitoring the financial markets, URPG has been closely
watching the changes associated with the Fiduciary rule. We'll continue to keep you
posted as to this important regulation change.
As I soon will enter my 25th year as a financial advisor, one phrase stands out to
me. Your time with your family equals your wealth . Please continue to do what you can
to stay healthy and enjoy the time with your loved ones. I am grateful that you have
chosen URPG to help you achieve your future retirement goals.